Our distribution solutions ensure your products arrive in the right place, at the right time, and at the right price.

Distribution services:
Order fulfilment, pick and pack by order, SKU etc.
Retail store distribution
Replenishment and fulfilment programs
Cross-docking and transloading
Inventory control
Return management and reverse logistics programs
Special order handling, refurbishment and kitting
High sensitivity and responsiveness to your service requirements.
Advantage Kanco
Reduce your logistics costs.A balanced supply chain is not just a concept, it is a formula to make your company more intelligent and maximize your organization’s goals.We offer you comprehensive and exclusive supply chain management solutions.

Our strategy
We offer what you need – simply and quickly. Kanco uses a structured method that increases efficiency, reduces costs, and protects your basic supply chain. At the same time this strategy can be quickly adjusted individually. Our balanced approach offers you the opportunity to restructure your supply chain with an eye on achieving the greatest possible productivity.

Your advantage
We’ll develop a plan that involves our own multi-modal, global modes of transport with access to the leading global air and ocean freight system. In order to assure you the optimal price/value ratio we will, if needed, work together with other providers. Our goal is to create a network that is not only faster but also that provides you with exactly what you need, when you need it.